Michoc products are developed on the basis of the best products sold on the domestic and international markets.  A wide variety of our products contain milk, butter, and natural fruit juice in addition to materials rich in magnesium such as Cacao, hazel nuts, and peanuts, etc.

The Youpi Latte lollipop is based on milk containing peanut pips and powdered milk, whereas the Youpi Cao lollipop is filled with chocolate chewy candy.

The Youpi Latte lollipop is based on milk containing peanut pips and powdered milk while the Youpi Cream lollipop has an ice cream taste thanks to an ingenious mixture of cream and strawberry flavor.

There are 2 Cremo product lines. The first one is a product line based on milk containing more than 5 references. The second Cremo product line is a combination of fruit and menthol with 4 different references.

Product Per Unit Grams (Gr)
Cremo product range 3,8
Bonbo soft candy 4
Eclair soft candy 4
Boomy Bubble gum product range 3,8
Boomy Fun Bubble gum 4,5
Youpi Max lollipop 20
Youpi lollipop product range 14
Youpi surprise 14
Youpi Choco spread 10
Regliso sticks Large = 20 / Small = 8,5


Yes, in most cases regarding the number of grams has been adapted to the needs of our customers and in compliance with the specific nature of the different markets. All adaptations and any new development remains contingent on the scope of the transaction…

The raw materials used in the manufacture of Michoc products are selected with great care so as to offer customers a high quality product with regard to taste and content…

Therefore, the coloring agents used are of high quality and in compliance with international food safety health standards (IFS certificate).

Our flavors are authorized in Morocco, in the countries we export to and in Europe, etc.

Michoc products are made without porcine or any other substitutes. MICHOC manufactures all its sweets under strict rules and respecting the religious requirements of its customers,it only uses beef jelly (skin without bones) in its recipes.

All Michoc products, especially gum drops, can be consumed by the Muslim community.