Quality and Certification

Every year MICHOC audits and checks its services in order to develop further its performances and answer the requirements of the various markets and current or potential customers.

Since 2008 year after year Michoc has been awarded IFS Certifications (International Food Standard) in the «high level» category.

This certification underpins Michoc’s commitment to quality and permanent determination to offer its customers irreproachable products by carefully selecting its raw materials suppliers and permanently checking its manufacturing processes.

The IFS certificate is a term of reference recognized by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) constituting a pledge of quality and food safety at the global level thereby strengthening even more Michoc’s competitiveness internationally allowing it to expand its horizons by collaborating with importers across the world.

In addition to answering to international health standards, all Michoc products are 100% Halal.

One of our paramount criteria for the selection of raw materials is the systematic and permanent checking of the origins of the products purchased. Also, all our suppliers are selected on the basis of quality assurance and Halal certification.

The raw materials are checked in our laboratories upon reception to verify their validity and level of adherence to the requirements set by Michoc.

Our machines are used exclusively for the production of our Halal products which rules out the introduction of items and residues from other unknown and non controlled materials.

For example, for the production of Michoc gum drops we exclusively use top quality beef jelly (skin without bone) and not any porcine or other non Halal substitutes.