All the studies conducted annually give evidence to a high qualitative image regarding Michoc products from the time of the company’s beginning and to the present.  Our customers in Morocco and internationally are proof enough that our products are of high quality and totally innovative.

Thanks to its high performance distribution circuit, Michoc has the aim of covering the entire territory of Morocco by developing a sales force operating on all traditional and modern distribution circuits: wholesale, retail and supermarkets through its 7 warehouses located in the strategic areas of Morocco.

More than tens of thousands of distributors resell our products throughout Morocco by providing a high degree of presence in both urban and rural areas…

Abroad, Michoc has been able to develop a remarkable position in Africa and the Middle East  and is continuing its expansion strategy in other countries by strengthening its presence on current markets while opening up to other countries and areas such as Europe.

Michoc is the Moroccan leader in sugary confectionery products in Morocco and in almost all product ranges.

Besides being the front-running leader in Morocco, today Michoc is the top Moroccan exporter of confectionery products to Africa…

In addition to being the leading exporter of sugary confectionery items in Morocco, Michoc grants its international customers a high degree of interest and every year reports substantial development.

  • In its strategy of development abroad Michoc aims at creating steady long-term partnerships with its customers basing itself on win-win partnership contracts.

    Each customer therefore becomes an exclusive Michoc representative in its selling area.

    As a counterpart, Michoc asks its partner to offer the same degree of commitment to the contract by ensuring:

  • Reliability in transactions and settlement;
  • Long-term partnership commitment.
  • Respect and development of the Michoc image;
  • Pushing Michoc products;
  • Adherence to the quality standards of Michoc products with regard to storages and pre-emption dates, etc.
  • Ensuring the best possible market coverage;
  • Win-win partnership.

Michoc agrees to help its international partner by offering assistance during all stages of integration of its products on the market in the form of strategic advice, product training, negotiation on cargo, adaptation of products to the local market, and the development of export products, etc.

  • To procure a partnership contract along with a genuine commitment on the part of Michoc offering:
  • Assistance during all stages of integration of products on the market;
  • Permanent availability and continuing interchange: export seminars, video conferences, meetings, etc.
  • Support with regard to the competition.
  • Flexibility and quick adaptation to the targeted market (adaptation of products, creation of new products dedicated to export markets, modification of number of grams, adaptation of transport conditions, etc.
  • Innovative products offering unbeatable price/quality ratio;
  • Promotional resources.